“This is a great podcast.”
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“Everyone in Lancaster County is part of their cast.”
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The Lancast is a weekly podcast focusing on the thoughts and interests of active members of the Lancaster County, PA community and beyond. Co-hosts, David Moulton and Keith Slesser engage a new guest each week in discussion of subjects of personal interest to the guest and of relevance to the broader community.

In March 2009 David Moulton and Neil Hershey set out to start a comedy podcast in the likes of the popular show ‘Uhh Yeah Dude’. Calling their show ‘Beards Over Babies’ it wasn’t long before they started incorporating guests into the show’s layout. Through this incorporation they discovered that there are a lot of interesting people in Lancaster County without an outlet to share their story. Thus with the addition of Daniel Klotz as a co-host, replacing Neil Hershey, the show became an expression of hyper-local citizen journalism. In August 2009 David and Daniel realized the need for a change in the show’s name to be more relatable to the community that it represents, and so the podcast was renamed as The Lancast.

In June 2011, after 2 years and over 100 episodes, Daniel Klotz decided to step down as co-host. Stepping up to replace him is Keith Slesser. Both David and Keith continue to engage the community, providing an informative and entertaining show for Lancaster County.

We are eager to help our community and to receive feedback. Please find us on Twitter (@dbmoulton and @absolutslesser) or e-mail us at feedback@thelancast.com. We are always looking for guests and guest suggestions.

Crew Members

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David Moulton
Co-Host / Producer

In 2009 David set out to create a comedy podcast in the likes of ‘Uhh Yeah Dude’. Little did he know that in the process of pursuing that goal he would uncover a genuine love for journalism. Slowly, with the help of others, he’s used that love to mold and shape The Lancast into what it is today. A Horticulturist and Florist by hobby, it’s not unusual to find him talking about plants or admiring a garden.Raised in New Holland and now living just outside Lancaster City, David has an apreciation of small town life while maintaining a fondeness for city living. You can often find him out and about in the city for First Friday, Music Friday, and many other community events. If you see him on the street give him a shout and say “Hi”.
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Keith Slesser

The newest co-host to join the crew here at The Lancast, Keith was born and raised in Elizabethtown PA. and now lives in Lancaster city with his wife and their 3 children. He has an interest in the local art and music scene in Lancaster as well as finding creative ways to make Lancaster a better place to live.The Lancast is a perfect fit for Keith because he is always looking for ways to promote and network with local artists and business owners in the Lancaster area. Keith has lived all over the world but Lancaster has and always will be his home.
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Lauren Slesser

Post Writer

A mother, an artist, a writer, and not to mention married to Keith, Lauren’s days are never dull. With a strong interest in the local art and music scene and staying on top of current events, Lauren faces the arduous task of expressing the finer points of the show in written form.
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Becky Svendsen


Whether she’s prepping a story idea or sitting in for an absent host of the show, Becky is always on the move. And with a heart for social causes, she helps bring our focus to the non-profit community through education on their causes and introduction to their leaders.
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Austin Ginder

Web Developer

Aside from keeping us up and running Austin also spends time taking photos with his wife and playing the piano. Living and working out of Lancaster, PA, Austin transitioned full time to his own web building business, Anchor Development, in July ’10.
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Past Crew Members

Quin Baker
Photographer, August ’11 – August ’12

A self taught freelance photographer, Quin works out of Lancaster City. When asked to share a little about herself her humor shows as she responds “Hello, I am Quin Baker not to be confused with Quin Baker and occasionally mistaken as Quin baker..We like it here”.
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Robert Beiler

Production Intern, June ’11 – September ’11

A Media Arts major, Robert is focusing on broadcasting and journalism. In 2009 Robert helped found the entertainment news outlet CommonGeek.tv. He is also one of the only daily vlogers in Lancaster County.
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Daniel Klotz
Co-Host, June ’09 – June ’11

Taking the co-host wheel towards the beginning of the show, Daniel was pivotal in forming The Lancast into what it is today. Regardless of being raised in York County and having lived in New York he has a strong passion for the community of his new home, Lancaster City. Daniel’s passion for this area was evident in his involvement in the show and he continues to share it through his Lancaster Blog.
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Neil Hershey
Co-Host, March ’09 – June ’09

Sharing a love for comedic story telling with David Moulton, Neil helped pioneer the podcast under the name ‘Beards Over Babies’. If you run into him you’ll most likely find him playing piano in a band, working on a live production of some sort, or cracking a joke. Sometimes all three at once! A Show Production major from Full Sail University he now works locally in his field.
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Guest Hosts

Joshua Fria
Guest Host, 1 episode

Josh lends his jovial attitude to the position of host bringing quick quips and laughs to the show. An artist of many mediums, Josh gladly adds podcasting to his list.
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Jason Mundok

Guest Host, 1 Episode

Jason Mundok is a musician, concert promoter, and podcast host. His Lancaster based “Around the Wood Stove” podcast features interviews with musicians and creatives from Central PA and beyond.
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Chad Diller

Guest Host, 1 Episode

No stranger to broadcast media, Chad had a stint on the Howard Stern Show as a cast member impersonator. Chad also owns and operates a Lancaster based sign business U-Stickit Graphics.
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The Lancast is a production of Moulton & Klotz Media