Ten Throne, an up-and-coming rock band from York, PA, visited the Lancast studio to talk about their music this episode. Brothers Josh and Eian Wolpert, and lead singer, “Digger” entertained us with their somewhat humorous, and dare I say, colorful commentary on how the band came together and what they’ve been doing over the last few months. Though it may be up for debate on exactly how the band got started, it seems that it was meant to be for the five members of Ten Throne. The Wolpert brothers have over a decade of experience playing music together, their first band being fronted by their own father. That family chemistry lays the framework for the overall band dynamic. Digger, who’s real name is Adam, seems to have stumbled onto the music scene by accident. Still, it suits him well. He has all the qualities of an effective frontman: good looks, strong vocals, and a big head. He tells the story of how he acquired his nick name, and how he taught himself to sing by analyzing his own voice on the recordings he’d leave on his parents’ answering machine. Unorthodox? Maybe, but it seems to have produced the results he was looking for.

Ten Throne put out an album almost as quickly as they formed their band. They began by recording demos of the first two songs that they wrote. From there, they just kept adding, and they released the 10-track record in February. The album is called Desolate Day and can be purchased through itunes or at their live shows. Ten Throne may be a newcomer to the local music scene, but if they keep trucking along at this rate, we might just be seeing (and hearing) a lot more of them.

Want to hear more? Check out Ten Throne on their facebook page.

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Theme music: Invisible Walls by Revolution Void
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