Writing, rehearsing, and performing a play in a 24 hour period might sound more like a reality tv show than something you would see in a theater, but Steve Carlson and Jason Mundok are doing just that. The 24 Hour Plays is a production that began in Manhattan back in 1995, and has since gained increasing popularity across the globe. Carlson and Mundok are bringing it to Lancaster, PA this coming Saturday, November 5, 2011 at The Candy Factory.

The process begins with 6 writers who select from a pool of actors. They each write a 10 minute play through the night to be handed to a director in the morning. The directors then assemble their cast and spend the day rehearsing for the 7pm performance. No pressure. Mundok describes the production as “creative chaos”. No doubt it will be, with everyone’s creative juices flowing full speed ahead.

The collaborators of the project are Steve Carlson, Jason and Susanne Mundok of Woodstove House, and The Creative Works of Lancaster. Carlson, a junior high teacher, incorporates drama into his lessons regularly and thoroughly enjoys theater. Mundok is no stranger to the performing arts himself, though not specifically drama. He is a musician and member of the local Irish band Fire in the Glen. Additionally he hosts a podcast called Around the Woodstove and has hosted house concerts in his home for the last two years. Together, along with a group of about 35 people, Steve and Jason hope to bring something new and energetic to the Lancaster performing arts scene. Come see for yourself this Saturday at 7:00pm at The Candy Factory, 323 North Queen St., Lancaster, PA 17603.

For tickets and more info, click here.

Special thanks to Becky Svendsen for being our guest co-host while Keith is on leave to celebrate the birth of his fourth child.

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